The most important traffic classification surveys are:
  • T. Nguyen, G. Armitage, A Survey of Techniques for Internet Traffic Classification using Machine Learning, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2008
  • A. Callado, C. Kamienski, G. Szabo, B. Peter-Gero, J. Kelner, S. Fernandes, D. Sadok, A Survey on Internet Traffic Identification, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2009
  • J. Gomes, P. Inácio, M. Pereira, M. Freire, P. Monteiro, Detection and Classification of Peer-to-Peer Traffic: A Survey, ACM Computing Surveys, 2012
Besides, one may find the following papers interesting too:
  • H. Kim, KC Claffy, M. Fomenkov, D. Barman, M. Faloutsos, K. Lee, Internet Traffic Classification Demystified: Myths, Caveats, and the Best Practices, CoNEXT ‘08, ACM, 2008
  • A. Dainotti, A Pescape, KC Claffy, Issues and Future Directions in Traffic Classification, IEEE Network, Jan/Feb 2012
  • S. Valenti, D. Rossi, A. Dainotti, A. Pescape, A. Finamore, M. Mellia, Reviewing traffic classification, In Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, pp. 123-147, Springer, 2013
Several on-line lists may be interesting too:
The Mutrics project also has a literature review page. Follow the list of authors, too.